Our impact

The Scottish Centre for Administrative Data Research analyses public sector data for the public good.

We aim to unlock the value of information routinely collected by government departments and other public bodies, so it can be used to improve policies, services and lives. Our interdisciplinary programme involves cutting-edge research and new methodologies, but crucially seeks to utilise and analyse data to inform policy and practice and contribute to evidence-based decision making.

We work with partners in government from Holyrood and Westminster to local authorities, as well as practitioners and third sector organisations to highlight the trends and insights our research reveals.


Our approach to impact


Addressing major challenges 

Our research is divided into key themes (which we call Strategic Impact Programmes). They are designed to address key social challenges identified in the Scottish Government’s National Performance Framework, as well responding to policy priorities in the UK more broadly.

Engaging our stakeholders

We work with a diverse range of stakeholders from the outset, engaging with them to co-produce and shape our research questions and ensure they are aligned to policy priorities and strategies. We maintain a meaningful dialogue with our stakeholders and ensure that our findings are shared accessibly and can deliver change.

Building capacity

We aim to build capacity for administrative data research and data linkage, helping to develop skills, understanding and awareness of this type research and its benefits for future users, as well as delivering a programme of training.

If you are interested in engaging with our research or working with us, please don't hesitate to get in touch.