DATA INSIGHTS - Were people who died at home less likely to attend hospital at the end of life during the Covid pandemic?

Previous research has shown that deaths at home increased by over a third during Covid-19. Our current project, asks how and to what degree patterns of hospitalisation changed. 


This week our Research Fellow, Jan Savinc, shares his initial findings from his work analysing linked death records held by National Records Scotland and health service data held by Public Health Scotland. This data linkage enabled analysis of hospitalisations for people in their final year of life.

This Data Insights provides a clearer understanding of the numbers of deaths at home, in care homes, and in hospital during the pre-pandemic period and during the first year of the pandemic (23 March 2020 to 22 March 2021).

Our study investigated service use in the last year of life during the pandemic, which provides valuable insights into how the pandemic affected the services provided by the NHS and how it changed where people died. These insights can then help both policymakers and planners of both social care and medical services when planning the next 12 months support.

For full details about this research, please read our Data Insights or click on the attachment below. 

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We are delighted that Iain Atherton and Jan Savinc have provided us with SCADR's inaugural Research Update, discussing 'Were people who died at home less likely to attend hospital at the end of life during the Covid-19 pandemic?'. This really interesting discussion lasts for just over 10 minutes - we hope you enjoy listening to our researchers, in addition to our normal written reports and articles. 

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This article was published on 30 Jan 2023

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