Spotlight on Renata Samulnik

This week we hear from our SCADR Programme Manager, Renata Samulnik. 

Renata joined SCADR in April 2022, having previously worked for University of Edinburgh between 2007 and 2010 before relocating. We asked Renata some questions to get an insight into her career and role:

What does your job entail? 

As the Programme Manager, I deal with a wide range of activities spanning programme management of our ESRC funded investment, strategy development and delivery, operations and staff management. My role is also to work in tandem with the Scottish Government’s Data Sourcing Team as well as ADR Scotland's delivery partners to identify and source datasets, create new research proposals, review data accessing pathways and disseminate research results.

What is a typical day like?

It varies depending on emerging priorities, deadlines and the needs of individual research themes/projects. There is a lot of reporting and financial management, liaising with stakeholders across the partnership to discuss projects, linking up with colleagues across ADR UK to share knowledge as well as catching up with my SCADR team on a regular basis.

What do you like most about your job?

It has been a steep learning curve as the way researchers access data is not always straightforward. Now that I have been working here for almost a year, I can see how vital the research in administrative data is and what public benefit it can have long-term.

What is one of your professional accomplishments?

I've had many accomplishments over the years, although I like to think it is always about team effort and a sense of being part of something that has a lasting impact. I would say that being part of the Imperial team that did the modelling during the pandemic or delivering a hugely successful IPDLN conference in Edinburgh make the top 5!  

Why did you decide on a career in data?

I always aspired to work in higher education to some degree. My first job was in the School of Informatics – suffice to say I had not much idea about the subject matter, but I loved the team and the atmosphere. Plus the view from the top floor of Appleton Tower was a huge bonus!

Share something about your life away from work

What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

Taking walks with my dog Pina along the Water of Leith or Portobello. I'm not so keen on hills!

Your favourite book and why?

Charles Bukowski’s 'Pulp' which is a bit of a mishmash of different genres. He wrote seemingly effortlessly about the mundane lives with great humour and frankness.

This article was published on 22 Mar 2023

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