This month, our fourth blog in the 'Deaths at Home' series, shows that there is still an increase in deaths at home, even with very few Covid-19 home deaths.

This month, our third blog in Jan's 'deaths at home' series, focuses more on the age of people who died at home. 

This month, Jan Savinc, focuses on the increase of 'deaths at home' since the beginning of the pandemic, using data for the entirety of 2020 as well as 2021 as new data are released. 

In this strand we aim to better understand the pattern of care in Scotland. We are exploring the factors impacting on the types of care people have access to and receive (whether provided by health services, social care providers, or informally by family or friends), and how different types of...

The overall aim of this study is to assess the sociodemographic and health characteristics of those contracted Covid-19 and their associations with mortality and critical care admission as compared to the general population.

As with other parts of the UK, COVID-19 has caused a significant increase in deaths in Scotland, particularly amongst older individuals.