This research explores the link between schooling and long-term health outcomes.

This research will explore whether selective migration to Scotland's 'New Towns' contributes to Glasgow's poor health and excess mortality.

This month, our third blog in Jan's 'deaths at home' series, focuses more on the age of people who died at home. 

The Scottish Centre for Administrative Data Research (SCADR) hosted an online seminar on Friday 19 March, to bring together academics, data specialists and policy leaders to discuss the potential of data relating to nurse registrants to support informed policy and decision making - as well as...

In this strand we aim to better understand the pattern of care in Scotland. We are exploring the factors impacting on the types of care people have access to and receive (whether provided by health services, social care providers, or informally by family or friends), and how different types of...

This research will explore the impact that childhood participation Scouts, Guides and similar organisations can have in later life.

This research explores factors influencing the availability and use of formal and informal care during the final stages of life.

This research will explore how factors like mental health conditions, drug use and alcohol relate to incidents of violence and related demands for public services.