research fellow

Spotlight on Fernando Pantoja

Fernando joined the ADR Scotland Safer Communities project in February 2020. Unfortunately, this was just a month before the first lockdown. Therefore not only did he have the same challenge as everyone else to establish a home office, he also had to get to know colleagues through online meetings. However, he was lucky to be part of a very friendly and supportive team, that helped him to adjust to this new way of working. One of his favourite activities is a regular online meeting that the team has every Friday, where they share all their accomplishments and frustrations.

Spotlight on Jan Savinc

Life as a Research Fellow

My name is Jan Savinc and I’m a Research Fellow at Edinburgh Napier University, where I started working as a Research Assistant in 2017. I joined SCADR part-time in June 2020, and have been made full-time since September 2020. Generally speaking, my job is to analyse various datasets and produce reports of the analysis along with various visualisations, and to document the data processing involved.

Spotlight on Dr Elizabeth Lemmon

Life as a Research Fellow

After completing my PhD in Economics at Stirling University, I joined Edinburgh Health Economics (EHE) in March 2019. It's been great to be back working with others, after the isolation of the final stages of my PhD! I really enjoy the buzz that comes from being part of a busy team, working on the UK Bowel Cancer Intelligence (BCIUK) project with EHE Lead, Dr Peter Hall.