Safer communities

We hear from Fernando about life working as a Research Fellow in the Safer Communities project team and the challenges of working with administrative data.

Our Co-Director and Lead of our Safer Communities programme, Professor Susan McVie, has joined the Fellowship of the Academy of Social Sciences.

As we enter new phases of the pandemic, how can administrative data help us to better understand what’s happened and inform policy and practice in preparation for potential future waves?

This work involves working with the Independent Advisory Group on Police Use of Temporary Powers Related to the Coronavirus to scrutinise the policing of the pandemic in Scotland.

This research will explore how factors like mental health conditions, drug use and alcohol relate to incidents of violence and related demands for public services.

In this strand, we aim to describe and understand the factors that influence community safety and wellbeing. This includes studying problems and inequalities caused by drug use, alcohol consumption, mental health and violence. 

Our research also looks at patterns of demand for public...