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We are delighted to announce the launch of our new podcast - Datapod. Whether you are a data scientist, an expert in your chosen field, or simply curious to discover who, why and how people can get access to public data, we are sure you will find our podcasts very interesting.

Creating our podcast

Throughout 2022 and 2023, ADR Scotland's mission has been to provide an alternative to detailed reports, which would enable non-academics to understand what research is being carried out and any outputs that are produced at each stage of the research lifecycle. As a result of this mission, we have introduced new visual and audio communication as well as our written communication. For example:

  • visual communication, such as eye-catching posters, infographics, comics and You-Tube videos
  • audio communication via short videos or podcasts 

Our Datapod podcast lets you hear from our leading academics, data scientists and data analysts involved in research using Scotland’s public sector data, covering areas such as Health, Nursing, Social Care, Children, Education, Crime, Justice, Environment and Work, in order to produce data-driven outputs that can show what impact a change in policy can have, such as improving people's lives and benefiting society.  

What's on - Tune in!

Within our podcast pilot, you will find:

'A 10 minute Research Update' providing a quick summary from a research team, updating different stages of what their project will entail, what stage they are at in their research and when they hope to progress to delivering data driven outputs. 

'A 20-30 minute Datapod Discussion' involving the research team discussing either:

  • what datasets are used, the linking of different datasets and the project's objectives
  • their view point to why certain changes have happened in society, and how their research outputs support their opinion
  • what are their data driven outputs and how they hope to create an impact
  • the potential of additional research to be done, in order to have evidence to encourage a change in policy that will benefit society. 

Our current episodes include:

Find us

You can listen to our Datapod episodes through:

This article was published on 12 Jul 2023

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