NEWS – ADR UK Ambassadors launched

As part of a larger network across ADR UK, we are delighted to announce our new ambassadors from across government and the public sector in Scotland to support data linkage and research.

ADR UK ambassadors are colleagues working in and around government who are committed to increasing and improving the use of administrative data to inform policy and practice, both within their own departments and bodies, and in partnership with others.

The ambassadors are publicly recognised as data-driven change-makers. Working with expert academic partners, including us here at SCADR, they have an important role to play in making sure the potential of data for public good is harnessed, in a way that is safe, legal, ethical and sustainable, while maintaining the trust and support of the public.

ADR Scotland Ambassadors

With our partners in the Scottish Government data sharing and linkage unit, we are delighted to announce our first ADR Scotland ambassadors are:

  • Elaine Drennan, Head of Advanced Learning and Skills Analysis, Scottish Government
  • Alastair McAlpine, Senior Statistician, Agricultural Statistics, Scottish Government
  • Dr Mark McAteer, Director of Strategic Planning, Performance and Communications, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service
  • Neil White, Senior Statistician, Health & Social Care Analysis, Scottish Government
  • Amy Wilson, Deputy Director for Justice Analytical Services, Scottish Government

ADR Scotland Co-Director and SCADR Director, Professor Chris Dibben, said: 

Roger Halliday, myself and our teams are really looking forward to working with our ambassadors to help facilitate and enhance data linkage dialogue and innovation in Scotland. 

Further Information

For more information on the ambassador scheme and for a full list of ADR UK data ambassadors, please visit ADR UK's website

This article was published on 21 Apr 2021