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Project namesort descending Project category Outputs
Illegal drug consignments Community Safety, Equality and Wellbeing

Addressing people in Scotland - linking CHI and UPRN Innovations

Assessing the impact of benefit sanctions on health Work, Welfare & Housing

Care in the last years of life Health and social care

Classifying and autocoding causes of death Scottish Historic Population Platform (SHiPP)

Community-based Covid-19 mortality Health and social care

Covid-19 - Policing the Pandemic Community Safety, Equality and Wellbeing

Criminal Justice and Problem drug users

Deaths at home during the Covid-19 pandemic in Scotland Health and social care

Does commuting affect health? Lifelong health and wellbeing

Engaging with children Children's lives and outcomes

Enhanced SMS47 Cohort Scottish Historic Population Platform (SHiPP)

Exploring context, factors and approaches to educational exclusions and absences Children's lives and outcomes

Exploring the dynamics of the nursing workforce Health and social care

Geospatial information for the ADR Scotland Infrastructure Innovations

Growing up in kinship care Children's lives and outcomes

Investigating socioeconomic, household and environmental risk factors for Covid-19 in Scotland Health and social care

Labour market transitions and progression Work, Welfare & Housing

Population data linkage at scale Scottish Historic Population Platform (SHiPP)

Positive youth development Lifelong health and wellbeing

Problem drug users and the criminal justice system Community Safety, Equality and Wellbeing

SafePod Network Innovations

Selective schooling and long-term health Lifelong health and wellbeing

Stability of patterns of care for children in Scotland Children's lives and outcomes

Understanding social circumstances of veterans Lifelong health and wellbeing

Violence and vulnerability Community Safety, Equality and Wellbeing