Covid-19 - Policing the Pandemic

This project began through the research team’s involvement in advising Police Scotland and the Scottish Police Authority during the course of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Research focus

For the first time in Scotland, approval has been granted to link health data to police records of those who were subject to enforcement for non-compliance with the public health regulations. 

This project will examine non-compliance through the lens of health and social vulnerability, and will make recommendations about future potential regulatory measures in the context of public health emergency. 

The project began in 2021 and will end in early 2023.

Data this research aims to link and analyse

  • Police Scotland Fixed Penalty Notices data
  • Public Health Scotland's Covid-19 Database

Potential to link these datasets with the following for further work:

  • Scotland's Census
  • Criminal History Database data

Research team

Professor Susan McVie and Vicky Gorton

Research lead, Susan McVie, has received further funding from UKRI/ESRC's Covid-19 Rapid Response Award enabling her to expand her policing the pandemic researchTogether with Dr Kath Murray and Dr Ben Matthews, they will carry out research from March 2021 for 2 years to assess the role of enforcement in securing compliance with the coronavirus regulations.

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