Last month, SCADR were delighted to host an online event on unlocking criminal justice data. The event attracted researchers and practitioners from a wide range of...

This project examines patterns and potential harms of illegal drug parcels arriving into Scotland via international postal services and intercepted by the National Crime Agency.

This research strand focuses on improving safety, equality and wellbeing across communities by linking data from law enforcement, justice and health. It examines the challenges to society caused by drug use, alcohol consumption, mental health and violence and seeks to understand how health and...

Whilst crime in Scotland has declined since the early 2000s, data shows little change in the level of risk amongst victims of repeated violent episodes.

Members of the Scottish Parliament were treated to a wealth of evidence by academic researchers and government analysts at the recent Evidence Week in Holyrood, to help inform critical policy issues in Scotland.

We examine the relationship between violence and vulnerability at both an individual and a community level, including factors such as deprivation, mental health, drug use and alcohol addiction.

This project began through the research team’s involvement in advising Police Scotland and the Scottish Police Authority during the course of the Covid-19 pandemic.